8 cool Artspirations you cannot reisist

In this edition of Artspirations I bring to you some amazingly cool innovations that you would love to have. From quirky to simply intelligent these artspirations make it to my Top 8 list of must haves in the future. And you will understand why.

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A novel concept with eco-friendly bearings. This printer designed by Kim Su Yeon is sure to save trees as well as your precious money. Unlike common printers that use laser  technology to print, this unique printer uses laser technology to “Unprint” or remove Ink from the paper.

How does it work – The Ink Remover Printer utilizes laser technology to burn the ink right off of paper, without causing any heat damage to the underlying cellulose fibers. The idea is to vaporize the ink very rapidly.

Why it works – Say goodbye to stacks of waste paper ‘cos now you can reuse them up to 5 times before disposing it. A welcome sign for offices and other establishments which use tons of paper.

Source : http://www.yankodesign.com/2011/06/24/reverse-printer/




The Q-Compact Bathroom  would be highly sought after in New York’s matchbox houses. Amazingly detailed, this compact bathroom is a cube that fits in everything – washbasin, toilet, water storage tank, shower – the works!

How does it work – Its easy to sit or stand and take a shower as the washbasin’s faucet doubles up as a retractable shower. The faucet holds a fine filtering system with cartridges containing water additives to purify water. The water from the washbasin is filtered and collected in a storage tank of 60 liters located below it. It also has a storage cabin that can store wet and dry items.

Why it works: Disaster struck areas can benefit from it as it is quiet portable. It can be used in compact spaces like aeroplanes, trains or in public toilets.

Designers: Jin Jin Ren, Krit Jirat karuen, Sheng Zhang and Vamsi Krishna Muralidharan



A 21 year old designer Rana Alper got her inspiration from an octopus to create what could possibly be a revolution in cleaning gadgets. Instead of 8 arms, this robot has four arms each equipped with 22 steam nozzle, 29 vacuum nozzle and a thousand small extensions which helps it move around. This creativity got her a spot in the Electrolux Design Challenge. Basically a floor and fabric cleaner it can climb, hang and move in very high area such as seat, curtain and windows.

How it works: The TODY features four arms that follows voice commands and cleans floors as well as fabrics. Using its 4 arms, it can climb, move and hang to reach areas like seats, curtains, windows and more. Each arm has 22 steam nozzles and 29 vacuum nozzles. The jets blast fabric and walls with steam. Vacuum nozzles also suck up dust. Rubbish and waste water is channeled to reservoirs in the robot’s body.

Why it works : Unlike current robot cleaners, which can only cover the ground, TODY can crawl everywhere – even up curtains. Happy days are here again for all the overburdened working women.

tody tody9

Source : http://www.yankodesign.com/2014/06/17/the-chores-servant/



In one of the most novel ideas that could revolutionize the way we see clothing of the future Spanish fashion designer Manel Torres invented the world’s first clothes-spray, which after application to the body can be removed, washed, worn again and if need be recycled or dissolved. How cool is that.

How does it work: Spray consists of special fibers mixed with polymers that stick together when dry to create a product that is elastic and durable. (much like a spray paint peel that you can wear) What if jeans were made this way?

Why it works : The technology has been developed for use in household, industrial, personal and healthcare, decorative and fashion applications using aerosol cans or spray-guns. The spray-on clothing paves the way for a whole new world of possibilities in clothing.



How often do you spill something on your new dress, just before leaving the house? I can totally understand how upset it makes you. But now we have a fantastic solution, you slide on the Electrolux Instant Cleaning Glove and wipe out all traces of that upsetting stain pronto. This magical glove created by  designer Stefan Bogdan works like a mini washing machine This neoprene glove disintegrates any stain or dirt from fabrics using the combination of nanotechnology and ultrasound.

How it works : The glove works just with the hand gestures. For example to power it up, you need to close your hand (wearing the glove) and on the LCD screen will appear “Please wait to start”. Everything is explained on the LCD screen. The LCD helps you to follow the steps for cleaning some stains or perform some special cleaning processes. The LCD is a flexible AMOLED screen. When you clean a stain, the LCD will show you the process and the amount is already cleaned. The glove first starts scanning the spot where the dirt is in order to choose the difficulty of the stain to remove it. Before it starts cleaning, it sets to a certain frequency that disintegrates the stain that turns it into particles that are absorbed by the sponges on the glove.

Why it works: The product is made for both hands and its very useful in critical situations, at work and home, before going to a meeting etc



Source: http://www.yankodesign.com/2014/06/25/instant-stain-removing/



No more wet, soiled towels. The Towel Dryer by Seung Jun Jeong is a boon in disguise for all the whining women, who can’t stand wet towels thrown around.

How it works: By turning the dryer on, the wind wing and air hole will instantly turn your wet towels into a dry and warm one. The device uses a miniature turbine to direct hot air towards the towels and maintains the temperature to allow for easy drying. An ultraviolet (UV) light disinfects the towel and keeps them fresh and fluffy.

Why it works: The towel drier that not only dries towels but also disinfects them. A must for rainy and extreme winter days.

hanging-towel-dryer1 hanging-towel-dryer3



Designer Ki Young Han’s award winning design is truly well thought of. Everything that you would want in a chopping board and more. The Conveyor Chopping Board is an all-in-one self-cleaning board and scale.The main idea behind this design is to overcome the hygiene and sanitation aspects of a conventional chopping board not to forget its cool conveyor belt.

How it works : The way this design works is that it weighs the food portion while chopping it and keeps the part of the board being used as sterilized as possible.

Why it works: Anyone would love chopping with this cool board. A bonus for the hygiene friendly who would be addicted to it.


Source: http://www.yankodesign.com/2014/05/15/the-chopping-board-advantage/



Imagine you’re in the middle of a forest and just wished you could have a cool shower. Well the imagination may just as well be a reality now with the pocket shower.

How does it work : This tiny gizmo unfolds to reveal a high performance waterproof reservoir that holds as much as ten litres of water. The black fabric will (given a sunny day) warm the water up in no time. And as you just string it up to a tree and open up the attached shower head – you can enjoy the luxury of a tree shower.

Why it works: You can now luxuriate in a refreshing shower,  get squeaky clean, and get back to hiking or camping. It packs up into a neat package smaller than your fist.

Source: http: //www.designswan.com/archives/10-innovative-products-working-without-electricity.html

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