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The Power of White

From the time I was introduced to the world of colors as a kid, I was truly fascinated by the sheer range, splash and emotion that came with colors. From the warmth of sunset orange to the soothing aqua blue to the spunk of fuchsia pink, I started engaging with colors as people who gave life to ordinary spaces. No sooner did I realize the power that came with the calm of white or the boldness of black.   This ad from Sony Bravia does justice to my love for color.

Colors introduced me to new friends  – art, interiors, creative objects, illustrations all of which have inspired me and fascinate me like an awestruck child. I still continue to discover new artspirations, as I call them that add new meaning and depths to my life. In this blog I will explore and showcase artspirations that help me connect with deeper spaces within.

Let me introduce you to my first love – Interiors and in that my first musing – Mediterranean style interiors –that reinforced the power of white and the simplicity of rustic.

Source: http://www.perivolashideaway.com

Perivolas is a beautiful getaway poised on the cliff high above the Aegean, on the island of Santorini in Greece.  Crafted by local artisans this unique retreat reflects Cycladic architecture with its smooth surfaces. Sculpted stone walls make way for breezy rooms while vaulted ceilings are pierced by skylights.

Source: http://www.perivolashideaway.com/
Source: www.perivolashideaway.com/
Source: http://www.perivolashideaway.com/

While the interiors are sparely decorated with minimalist furnishing, niches and archways set the tone for warm inviting interiors. With beds being built into snug recesses, low slung sofas and brightly colored cushions add spunk to the rooms.The niches and doorways create a free flow as one space seamlessly leads to another thereby creating a sense of harmony in form and design. This truly makes         it a calm yet inviting space and one of my favorites for its                    sheer simplicity.

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Welcome to Formentera, a small island part of the Spanish Balearic Islands. Characteristic of mediterranean homes we notice Bougainvillea laced passages and doorways that make truly picturesque yet quaint entrances

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Equally mesmerizing are the patios that not only add a rustic charm but also make perfect outdoor spaces for lazing or endless conversations.With simple pallet furniture and low-lying sofas these outdoor spaces truly attract attention effortlessly.

Saving the best for last are the enchanting interiors that truly are a haven for people who appreciate simplicity. With a metal chandelier suspended from wooden ceilings and old world lamps adorning rustic coffee tables these hallways truly let you unwind in serenity.

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While bathrooms bear whitewashed walls and ceramic pots, the porch bears a stone bench that lets you converse with nature.

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Both these places have a unique character that comes alive with their unassuming style, unfinished touches and inherent calm.

Their beauty lies in the raw, the unfinished. They let pure white stand out in all its glory while giving other colours perspective. And that’s perhaps why such spaces resonate with the imperfect, unfinished yet beautiful selves in each one of us.They help us identify our pure white which inevitably puts our different shades in perspective. We too like these spaces lack symmetry but seek harmony.

Indeed Imperfect is the new Perfect.

Image Source: Pinterest